A healthy start for mothers…

Approximately, 550 women die every day in sub-Saharan African from preventable causes related to pregnancy complications and childbirth—accounting for 66% of pregnancy and childbirth related deaths worldwide.
Becoming a mother is one of the greatest and often times scariest experiences a woman will ever endure. Many mothers in places like Ghana, often give birth at home or at inadequately equipped medical facilities which lack the space and supplies needed to ensure a safe and healthy pre and postpartum experience.
Through our partnership with Madina Polyclinic Kekele our maternity initiatives helps us change the narrative. Filled with the sanitary pads, diapers, baby clothes, basic infant hygiene supplies, wrapping cloth, and other necessities the maternity go boxes ensure that every mother and child goes home with the basic tools to care for their child and themselves. $150 helps a mother to have a healthy pregnancy and provides her the supplies she needs to care for her precious newborn.
The goal of the African Health Now Maternity Go Box and our overall maternity initiatives is to help increase prenatal care for pregnant women, and to help decrease infant mortality and post -partum depression associated with not being fully equipped to care for a new born child.

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