AHN Project W.A.S.H (Water And Sanitation, Hygiene) is a brand new initiative that African Health Now has launched in response to all the calls to action that we received in regards to the recent flood disasters in Ghana, West Africa. As floods waters and fires claim over 200 lives of men, women, and children in Ghana’s capital of Accra, help African Health Now respond to the immediate and urgent needs of those affected by supporting AHN’s Project W.A.S.H
Although, Project W.A.S.H was created as an emergency relief effort our goal is to develop it into an ongoing program in conjunction with our annual health fairs; as a majority of the work and services needed will happen after the stagnant flood water has subsided.
With the support of our on the ground volunteers AHN's Project W.A.S.H will provide the following services to those living in the hardest hit areas:
Conduct direct community outreach, by distributing W.A.S.H kits (water sachets, toilet paper, body cleanser, hand sanitizers, tooth brushes and toothpaste) along with other nonperishable goods. Conduct a series of mini health fairs within these same communities to screen and treat for malaria, diarrhea and cholera using the Rapid Diagnostic Test Kits, and distributing ORS (Oral Rehydration Salts) to those affected.
The coming days are a critical moment to save lives by providing food, water and basic needs to those who have lost so much. However, we cannot do this without your support. For just $5.00 (USD) you can provide a family of four with 60 “pure water drinking sachets (enough for 2.5 days), a bar of key soap, and 4 tooth brushes with paste---the basic necessities.
As the government of Ghana has declared this a national disaster, we appeal to you to continue in your support of African Health Now as we save lives and promote healthy living.
Please make a donation today. Every dollar counts !

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