African Health Now is a community development organization that works to promote and provide information and accessibility to primary health care to women,children and families living across Sub-Saharan Africa.

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It Starts With A Health Fair

In 2006, after being faced with the challenges most Africans endure when dealing with the illness of a loved one back home. African Health Now’s founder, Nana Eyeson-Akiwowo realized the lifesaving importance of providing basic health information and resources for non-communicable diseases to Africans back home; information most Americans take for granted.
With the help of 21 friends Nana coordinated the first annual “Gift of Life @ Christmas” health fair in Ghana. Which provided blood pressure screenings, glucose testing, dental consultations, health education lessons and most importantly one on one discussions on achieving a healthy lifestyle. The fair served 300+ Ghanaians and gave birth to what is now African Health Now.

Our Impact

Making accessible resources a reality, one community at a time

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Number of Health Fairs:

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Participants Served:

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Impacted over:
20,000 people
Over the past 10 years African Health Now has impacted over 20,000 people across 5 urban communities throughout Ghana. These participants come from large cross sections of various populations including transient market women, and their families, truck and taxi drivers and the elderly. By providing access to high quality health care education and screenings, participants are able to take full charge of their lives enabling them to work harder and stronger. By strengthening the wellbeing of community participants we strengthen the livelihood and economic security of families.
African Health Now works to enhance economic development & entrepreneurship of women and families living in the communities we work in, by providing access and support to health education and women’s empowerment. Healthy women and families – lead to healthy communities and economies.
African Health Now measures and tracks its work via informal surveys of programs participants and volunteers. And, from time to time of our grassroots supports. We record the attendance of health fairs, screenings, community events and other health related encounters.


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