African Health Now transforms local spaces into medical clinics, bringing primary health care directly to African communities who need it.

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Health starts here.

By the year 2030, non-infectious diseases will become the number one killer in Africa.* While most such diseases are preventable through healthy lifestyles and basic medicine, countless communities across Africa simply do not have access to basic health services.

This ends now.

At African Health Now, we bring health care and health education directly to the communities who need it. Through our mobile health fairs, we transform local spaces—schools, markets, taxi stations, church compounds, parking lots—into medical clinics, providing immediate and local access to doctors, screenings, and life-saving information.

*Data provided by the World Health Organization.

What now means...

African Health Now has impacted over 20,000 people and counting. Our goal is an Africa where primary health care is accessible to every community, every family, every one. Because no one should be denied the right to good health. It is within our reach.

And it all starts now.

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