Becoming a mother is one of the greatest and often scariest experiences a woman will ever have. Many moms in countries like Ghana ordinarily give birth at home or in inadequately equipped medical facilities that lack the equipment needed to ensure a safe and healthy pre and postpartum experience.
Even upon their return home, most new mothers in Ghana are unable to afford the necessities – diapers, milk, clothing – or have access to postpartum support to ensure the health of the mother and child.
Our goal at African Health Now (AHN) is to break that cycle as we’ve committed to supporting these women with AHN’s signature Maternity Go Box initiative. The Maternity Go Box is designed with every woman in mind, from pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum, with a carefully curated care package that includes essentials that every mother, no matter her circumstance, needs before and after giving birth.

With support from AHN’s donor networks and help from our volunteers, AHN has gifted over 200 Maternity Go Boxes to pregnant women in Ghana. To help support the continuation of the initiative, AHN is proud to announce its partnership with FourthPhase. Fourth Phase is a women-owned company that provides 1:1 after birth care box for all mothers. For every purchase of an afterbirth care box, a box is donated to an expecting mother in Ghana.